About us

Time:2018/11/26 13:26:20

Company headquarters

Feilifu Technology Co.,LTD. established in September 2010,with the registered capital of 54,103,580 million yuan,located in beautiful Xianju,Zhejiang province,covering 30000㎡ area,with more than 300 employees, including more than 30 senior professional and technical personnel. Company focuses on innovation, Production and sales of floor socket,desktop socket and ground wiring system products; it is a modern scaie enterprise integrating design and development, manufacturing,sales and service as a whole.

Company was formerly known as Zhejiang hent Electrical Co.,LTD. established in 1998,who is floor socket drafting unit of national standard.All of the products have passed 3C certification;and we are the first unit to pass ISO9001:2008 quality management system,ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system in the industry,to provide a strong guarantee for the reliability and high quality of the products.The company has more than 50 patents ineffective inventions,utility models,appearance design,etc.,and is pioneered to launch the damping,easy disassembly structure;it has been the industry model,advocated by a great number of manufactures and consumers.

Company has strong technical force, complete production and testing equipment,and equipped with modern production workshop and complete function lab,to ensure the high quality of product.company products are widely used in modern office buildings,exhibition halls,airports,banks,post and telecommunications, laboratory buildings,schools, hotels, hospitals, computer rooms and home decoration,etc., which are adopted by numerous well—known large projects in the domestic and exported to Europe, America, Middle East,southeast Asia and many other countries and regions.

Company adheres to the concept of "Honesty,Pragmatic, lnnovation and Win—win",and has formed close cooperation relationship with a number of world top 500 enterprises and the leading enterprises in domestic industry, gain good economic and social benefits."Fine workmanship,fine floor socker" is the company's product concept,in the meantime of relying on quality to win ,the company provides good after—sales service and technical support to the customers to win their unanimous approval. The company is committed to building the authority brand,striving for becoming the leading in the industry,being on the way of innovation and development,and constantly developing new products suitable for the market,to adapt to the needs of the intelligent building space in the future.

Feilifu would creates intelligent and humane beautiful future with you hand in hand.


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